Cage Free Dog Boarding at Dioji

24/7 All-Inclusive Care

Staying Overnight in Our Cage Free Resort

We know how hard it is to leave your dog behind, even for a short period of time. Why not offer them a vacation of their own? Dioji offers a tropical refuge where your dog can play and swim with friends all day and drift off into divine slumber each night, without being caged or secluded.  After a full day of play our member guests retreat to one of the luxurious overnight suites where they rest slumber party style with their friends from the day.  

Loving Dioji team members spend the night right in the room with our furry guests, tending to their every need.  Dogs are welcome to choose from a variety of sleeping options including elevated beds, cozy cots or even snuggling on a large bed with the Dioji staff.

Dogs in our care are never left alone.  Dioji staff is always on hand to wait on your dog, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Every Stay Includes


Access to indoor/outdoor play yards that fit their size and play style during the day


Access to large swimming pool perfect for splashing or swimming


Dining on the same food and treats they’re accustomed to at home


Administering of any owner provided medications or supplements as directed

Check in and Out


We ask that overnight boarding guests be dropped off by 4:00 pm to ensure that each dog has had sufficient time to acclimate and play. Dogs may be dropped off as early as our opening on the day of the start of their stay at no additional charge. Please refer to our Hours of Operation for more information.


Check-Out time is 1:00 pm. To stay and play for the rest of the day until closing, daycare rates apply. 

Please see Membership Requirements and Reservations for additional information on overnight dog boarding.

Our Cage Free Boarding Rates

At check in we’ll ask for full instructions on feeding and medication to give your pup exactly what they have at home. To speed up the process download the form here and bring it with you.