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Spa Services

There’s nothing better than snuggling with your fresh and clean pup.

After a fun day of play or your dog’s overnight vacation, it’s always nice to welcome home a clean furry friend.  Whether in need of an indulgent signature spa or some of the extras we offer, our professional staff will lavish your dog with the highest quality care.  All products used by Dioji Spa are hypo-allergenic and earth-friendly.

  • Salon

    Spa Bath

    Dioji’s refreshing Spa Bath lathers your dog from head to paw in nourishing, all natural hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners that cater to your dog’s specific needs. The soothing treatment includes an ear cleansing, pedicure nail trim, full body brush and blow out.

  • A La Carte

    A La Carte

    • Dental Brushing
    • Pedicure Nail Trim
    • Gland Expression
    • De Skunking
    • Furminator
    • 20-minute Brush Out