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Dioji is an award-winning, cage-free resort in Southern California, and we understand the importance of specialized care for your dog’s oral hygiene. Our team is trained in dog teeth brushing and equipped with the knowledge and gentle touch to make the experience stress-free for your pet. Our attention to detail, coupled with a compassionate approach, makes us a trusted partner for maintaining your dog’s bright and healthy smile. Trust Dioji to keep your pet’s teeth clean, fresh, and sparkling.

Why your dog needs regular teeth brushing

Just like in humans, regular teeth brushing in dogs is crucial to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar, which can lead to periodontal disease. This condition can cause discomfort, tooth loss, and even systemic issues affecting your dog’s heart, kidneys, and liver. Regular teeth brushing not only ensures your dog’s oral health but also contributes to their overall well-being, making it a critical part of your pet’s health care routine.

Our process

Step 1: Sign Up

Begin your experience with Dioji by signing up on our platform. This process will involve providing some basic details about you and your dog to ensure we provide you with tailored service.

Step 2: Book an Appointment

After registering, book an appointment for the teeth brushing service. This can be done by logging into our customer portal, sending us an email, or calling our team directly to find a suitable time slot.

Step 3: Arrival and Introduction

Arrive at Dioji with your furry friend at the scheduled time. You'll be introduced to our trained bathing team members who will be responsible for the service. These professionals are well-versed in handling dogs and ensuring they remain comfortable throughout the process.

Step 4: Teeth Brushing

Our team will use a specially formulated toothpaste for dogs to brush your pet's teeth. This ensures the process is safe and effective. The brushing is an add-on service to a bath, ensuring your dog is not just clean, but also has fresh breath!

Step 5: Duration

The teeth brushing process will take around 10-15 minutes. During this time, your dog will be given the utmost care and attention to ensure a stress-free experience.

Step 6: Payment

After the service is completed, proceed to the payment section. The cost for the teeth brushing service is $25. This can be paid through various methods as per your convenience.

Step 7: Regular Booking

Considering the importance of dental hygiene in dogs, we recommend scheduling regular teeth brushing sessions. Our team can help you set up a convenient schedule.

By following these steps, you ensure your dog receives the best possible dental care, all in a comfortable and professional environment. With Dioji, dog teeth brushing is as easy as it gets!

How Often Should your dog be getting their teeth brushed

Optimal canine oral health calls for daily teeth brushing, but with life’s busyness, this can be challenging. That’s where Dioji steps in. When your dog stays at our award-winning resort, our trained team ensures their teeth are gently and thoroughly brushed, filling in any gaps in their oral care routine. With Dioji, you can trust your pet’s dental health is in good hands, even when you’re away.

At Home Tips for keeping your dog's teeth clean

Regular brushing

Ideally, aim to brush your dog's teeth daily using a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste. If this isn't possible, try to brush at least three times a week.

Dental chews

Provide your dog with dental chews or toys. These are designed to help clean your dog's teeth and gums as they chew, reducing plaque and tartar build-up.

Healthy diet

Feed your dog a balanced, high-quality diet. Some dog foods are specifically formulated to promote dental health.

Routine Check-ups

Regular veterinary check-ups, including oral exams, are important to detect any early signs of dental disease.

Dental Rinses or Sprays

Use vet-approved dental rinses or sprays for dogs. They can help to kill bacteria in the mouth and freshen breath, but they should not replace regular brushing.

While these tips can greatly aid in maintaining your dog’s dental health, the help of professionals can provide a more thorough cleaning and ensure optimal dental health. This is where Dioji steps in. When your dog stays at our resort, we offer teeth brushing services performed by our skilled team, providing your pet with the best dental care possible. Trust Dioji to be your partner in maintaining your dog’s bright and healthy smile.

Our additional Services

Cage free boarding

Experience worry-free overnight stays for your furry friend at our Agoura Hills location. Our cage-free boarding allows dogs to enjoy a comfortable, slumber party-style atmosphere with their playmates and our loving staff. Rest assured, your pet will be well-cared for and pampered throughout their stay.


Our doggie daycare at Agoura Hills provides a fun, safe, and stimulating environment for your dog to socialize and play. With our cage-free indoor/outdoor facility and attentive staff, your dog will enjoy a day filled with activities, making new friends, and receiving lots of love and attention

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Treat your pet to a luxurious spa experience at our Agoura Hills facility. Our professional grooming staff offers a range of services, including baths, brushing, nail trims, and more, ensuring your dog looks and feels their best after a day of play or an overnight stay.

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Find everything your pup needs at our Agoura Hills retail store. We carry a wide selection of high-quality pet foods, toys, accessories, and more. Shop for your furry friend's essentials while they enjoy their stay or visit with us.

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Free day of daycare

If your dog fits the membership requirements, please fill out both the online application form and service agreement.

Free day of daycare

If your dog fits the membership requirements, please fill out both the online application form and service agreement.
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When you buy any daycare package in the month of June, you will receivea free Honest Kitchen Clusters (1lb bag, valued at $7.99).

Daycare packages

When you buy any daycare package in the month of June, you will receivea free Honest Kitchen Clusters (1lb bag, valued at $7.99).
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