Boarding FAQs​

Yes!  This is one of the wonderful aspects of our boarding service.  Our team members are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are always on hand ready to care for our furry guests and attend to their needs, no matter the time of day or night.  Team members sleep right in the room with our Signature Social Suite guests, and actively monitor our Private Luxury Suite guests throughout the night.

Yes.  Your dog is welcome to board in our Luxury Private Suite if over 7 months old and not spayed/neutered, with the private play time option.  Guests of the Signature Social Suite or group play must be spayed/neutered over 7 months of age.  Please note, for safety reasons we cannot accept females currently in heat.

Yes.  As long as our team is able to safely handle your dog, and there are no signs of aggression towards humans, your dog is welcome to board in our Private Luxury Suite with individual play.  If group play time or the Signature Social Suite is preferred, a temperament evaluation is required prior to booking.

No.  You are welcome to book the Private Luxury Suite with private play time without a temperament evaluation.  If group play time or the Signature Social Suite is preferred, an evaluation is required prior to booking.  Please note, all guests must be in good health, be independently mobile, and show no aggression toward our team members.  We reserve the right to refuse service if these conditions are not met, and the deposit will be forfeited.

Yes.  Our 6’x4’ Private Luxury Suites are suitable for the safety and comfort of multiple canine guests not to exceed 100lbs combined.  Owner assumes responsibility of their pets safety while sharing a single private suite.  Family dogs are welcome to have either private play time together throughout the day, or if your dogs meet the group play requirements, they are welcome to play together all day with the other daycare and signature social suite guests.

Please give us a call!  If your dog was simply uncomfortable in the group play setting, they are welcome to enjoy our new Private Luxury Suite boarding option with private play time.  Please note, all guests must be in good health, be independently mobile, and show no aggression toward our team members.

We are happy to feed your dog exactly as you do at home.  You are welcome to bring your dog’s own food, and we will prepare each meal individually per your instructions and no additional charge.  This is part of Dioji’s dedication to the highest quality service.  Some facilities feed ‘house food’ to all dogs for ease of operations.  However, switching foods suddenly often leads to gastrointestinal discomfort for dogs, with upset stomach and loose stools, and can trigger allergic reactions.  Your dog’s safety and comfort in our care is always at the forefront of our service.

Yes.  We are happy to administer owner-provided medication per your instructions at no additional fee.  Please note we are unable to accommodate injections.

Your dog’s food and medication (if any).  We will ask for detailed feeding and medication instructions at check-in.  If you are able to individually package your dog’s meals, that is very helpful to our team, but not necessary.  You are also welcome to purchase food from our retail store if preferred.  No need for anything else – we have your pup covered and everything needed for an extraordinary vacation and relaxing slumber!  Private Luxury Suite guests, you are welcome to bring your dog’s favorite toy(s) if you wish, as long as they are sanitizable (rubber, plastic, etc) and not a choking hazard (no plush toys).

No.  Dioji’s boarding is designed for the safety and comfort of dogs currently in good health, free from injury, and independently mobile.  We provide a fun, active environment for dogs of all sizes to exercise and a safe, comfortable place for them to slumber, however we are not set up as a medical care facility catering to dogs recovering from injuries or illnesses.  Please reach out to your veterinarian for appropriate boarding options.