Daycare FAQs

In addition to giving you the peace of mind that your furry pal is enjoying a wonderful stay, a play day at Dioji has many benefits for your dog!:

  • Provides a safe, monitored play environment (and keeps them out of mischief at home!)
  • Facilitates exercise to keep your dog in good health
  • Combats the majority of common canine behavioral problems such as chewing, digging and barking often sourced in loneliness and frustration from lack of exercise
  • Promotes imperative socialization skills with dogs of all sizes, as well as a variety of people

Your pup will come home happily exhausted from a fun day of play, just in time to relax with you!

Dioji caters to all types of dogs – old and young, large and small, rambunctious and mellow. Each facility is outfitted with multiple indoor/outdoor play yards that allows our highly-trained team to organize appropriate play groups for each member. The safety and happiness of our furry guests is always top priority.

All puppies must have gone through at least 2 rounds of puppy vaccinations, including DHPP and the Bordetella vaccinations. Most veterinarians have these vaccinations scheduled by 4 months old. As always, we recommend that you speak with your veterinarian regarding the best health advice for your particular pup before bringing them in for their fun socialization time at Dioji!

The risks associated with cage-free dog play are much the same as a child’s risks on a playground. Dogs do not sit and stare at each other – they are way too fun for that! They enjoy romping, tumbling and wrestling, which can occasionally result in minor scrapes, nicks and punctures. That said, the Dioji K-9 Resort & Athletic Club was designed to minimize injury and provide a comfortable, safe environment for group play. Each facility is outfitted with slip-resistant play areas, including professional grade turf grass outdoors, to mitigate sore paws and scrapes often experienced from play on hard surfaces. In addition, Dioji staff constantly monitors all areas and facilitates appropriate behavior to keep rough-housing to safe levels.

Did you know? – Dogs can catch a cold too!

As children attend school, different colds inevitably make their rounds; but did you know that dogs are not much different? Just like kids, we vaccinate our furry babies to protect them from harmful illnesses. However, any canine social situation runs the same risk as kids in school – different strains of pesky colds, both viral and bacterial, can make their rounds. The most common contagious illness is Canine Tracheobronchitis, also known as ‘Kennel Cough’. Symptoms generally include a harsh, dry cough that most describe as sounding like the dog has something caught in its throat. It is spread from dog to dog through the air by infected dogs sneezing and coughing, through direct contact, and also though contact with contaminated surfaces. The illness does not spread to humans. Fortunately, most cases are mild and cure themselves within a couple weeks, however some cases may require antibiotics and/or cough suppressant, and can lead to more serious illnesses such as pneumonia (especially in young or elderly dogs with weaker immune systems).

Great question. We require all dogs to be up to date on Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo and Rabies vaccinations to enjoy our facilities. We also sanitize the entire facility daily and refresh water stations multiple times per day to protect our furry guests. Any dog showing potential symptoms while in our care is immediately removed from the play yards and the owners phoned for pickup. We hold the health and happiness of all our furry guests in the highest regard, and adhere to strict sanitation practices to maintain the safest cage-free play environment possible. Despite our best practices, colds can still pass from dog to dog, as contagion can set in before any symptoms are present.

To help us maintain a happy, healthy environment, we ask that our clients refrain from bringing their dog to play if they have been showing any signs of illness until they are back in good health. In addition, as some dogs will exhibit signs of a cold a few days after a social play day, we kindly ask that you inform us of any such cases. As always, please consult your veterinarian for the best care advice for your dog.

In any group setting, no matter how well mannered and pleasant the demeanors, there is always the risk of an elevated scuffle. Just like kids, two dogs can be playing well one moment and less than pleased the next. At Dioji, we take every precaution to prevent altercations before they occur. First and foremost, we adhere to a rigorous screening process to ensure only well tempered dogs that are comfortable in a group setting are admitted to the club. Secondly, our attentive, well trained staff is on hand at all times to facilitate proper dog behavior. Dogs are very expressive creatures, and generally show one or more signs of stress before taking any aggressive action. All Dioji staff members are trained to recognize these signals, and to intervene to re-direct the dogs’ attention. If any dog is feeling particularly cranky, he or she will be taken to a time-out room for a 5 minute cool down before returning to dog daycare play. In the rare event that a serious altercation does occur, the aggressor will be taken out of play for the remainder of the day and depending on the circumstances, may be asked not to return.

At Dioji, the health and well-being of our member dogs is our primary concern. Any unusual behavior such as limping, regurgitation, lethargy, etc. is detailed in a daily log and monitored for progression. Owners will be notified upon pick-up of any such events, unless cause for concern arises in which owners will be contacted immediately. If medical attention is deemed necessary, the dog will be taken directly to the dog’s primary veterinarian for treatment at the owner’s expense.

Just like humans, every dog has a unique personality, and thus requires an individual assessment. Some simply do not enjoy playing with high-energy groups of dogs and others need additional socialization or behavior modification before being introduced to the dog daycare setting. If your dog does not pass the initial interview process, Dioji canine caretakers will recommend appropriate dog training classes or alternative daytime activities that may better suit your dog.

Just like humans, every dog has a unique personality, and thus requires an individual assessment to participate in our social daycare service. Some simply do not enjoy playing with high-energy groups of dogs and others need additional socialization or behavior modification before being introduced to the dog daycare setting. If your dog does not pass the Temperament Evaluation, they are still welcome to enjoy our Private Luxury Suite overnight boarding with private play.