Athletic Club (Doggie Daycare)

Collar and Leash

The only item that must accompany your dog upon each visit is a collar and leash. For the safety of all of our guests, no dog may enter or exit the facility without being properly leashed. Individual, labeled cubbies are available to leave your dog's personal belongings, to be retrieved upon pickup.

If Desired

We have loving staff, jungle gyms and a pool to keep our guests thoroughly entertained throughout the day, not to mention a group of their best friends. No need to bring any additional items to the club. For the safety of all club members, no food is allowed in the activity center. The majority of our guests eat a healthy breakfast at home, or wait until the end of the day for a well proportioned dinner to fill their bellies. However, if your dog would prefer a mid-day snack, please provide the sustenance and we will privately feed your dog the tasty morsels. Alternatively, you may choose from our assortment of treats, kibble and wet food from our retail store.

Resort Stay (Overnight Boarding)

Dog Food

We recommend bringing your own dog food so it is what your dog is accustomed to eating. Please package only an amount appropriate for the length of the stay and label it clearly with your dog's first and last name. Alternatively, you may purchase food from our retail store.

Medication & Emergency Contact

If your dog requires medication, please bring the supplies along with a written account of administering instructions. Dioji staff will administer the medication at no additional charge. In addition, all members have an emergency contact on file. If you prefer we contact an alternative person in the event of an emergency, please provide the appropriate information upon drop-off.


I play with the fun toys that Dioji has for us to play with but I also play with my friends.

- Michelle